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I recently started keeping a journal on hand with me because I was always making lists in my head and then I more often than not forgot what I wrote down. I’d make lists of new restaurants I want to try, apps to check out, documentaries to see, shows and movies to watch, places I want to go and brands that I want to check out. When I get to the end of a journal I always transfer these lists into my new journal so I can keep building on them. Yesterday, I started a new journal and when I was rewriting my brands list I thought of doing a new content series to introduce you all to different brands! Hence: Brand Breakdowns…



What: A seasonless collection of elevated basics, bold leather statement pieces and silk, lingerie-inspired styles

Where: Shop the L.A. based brand on their website 

Why I adore: The simplistic silhouettes can be worn SO many different ways and the styles are the perfect marriage between femininity and edge. I can’t wait for the Lilou Leather Choker (1) that I ordered to get here!!