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Velvet Violets Austin 10Shirt: Rag and BoneLast Seen | Shorts: Levi’s from Urban Outfitters, Last Seen | Bag: Calvin Klein, Last Seen | Necklace: Charmed by Kate | Shoes: Jimmy Choo

After experiencing Austin for the first time I totally get what the craze is about. As soon as someone finds out that my brother is moving down to Austin an “oh my god, he’s going to love it!” comment always follows. This past weekend we popped down for a quick trip to check out apartments and I just have to say – whoever said that this is a mild summer is insane! It was 99 degrees out and humid for the better part of the weekend and I was struggling… to say the least.  With that said, it really was such a cool (ha) place to visit. The vibe is so relaxed and calm. It weirdly enough reminded me of Wyoming with the weekend activities centering around going down to the river to swim and hang out. It’s a city where you’re surrounded by culture, but you’re also able to easily drive to the hills and check out for a bit.  The Connecticut chick in me loves the windy roads and trees so it’s the perfect combination of city and nature.