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Hi guys! Lately I’ve found some really amazing things that I’ve already gotten so much use out of. I’ve found myself repeating my new closet additions (again and again and again…) so I wanted to share some of my finds with you all!

 I recently moved into my new apartment and I wanted to get some cute (and useful) decor. I found most of my additions at Urban Outfitters’ Apartment section — I’d definitely recommend if you’re decorating on a budget! 

I was given a giftcard to Bluemercury, which was a little too easy to spend (yikes). I ended up getting this NARS satin lip pencil (which I’ve already had to re-sharpen because I use it so much), this Tom Ford eyeliner (gorg color!) and this Bobbi Brown face mask. The mask is so yummy — it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, plus it smells amazing!

Recently, I’ve found myself wearing high waisted jeans with either a tee shirt or a sweater. It’s such a comfortable and flattering look — it’s easy to fall into making this a new uniform. I love both the Mother and the Madwell high waisted jeans. The Madewell version is my go-to with flats while the Mother version is my go to with booties.


See photos of my new additions below….

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