Shopping isn’t about buying in bulk. It’s about finding a few pieces that you love and that you know you’ll wear forever.

My mom said this to me over and over as I grew up and I’m so appreciative that she did because now instead of having a lot of clothes that are iffy quality or fast-fads, I have closet staples that I love. I always operate under the mentality that it’s better to splurge on one $100 dress than to buy four $25 dresses that are poor quality or just a trend that will go out of style. Don’t get me wrong — I love a great deal, but not when quality is sacrificed. My secret to finding these quality closet staples: consignment shops. 

My mom, sister and I have been finding consignment shops for years now. Some were gold mines filled with so many treasures that it was hard to choose which to buy, and others were duds that we would never return to.  After all these years I finally know the best shops from the worst, which is why I’m sharing my cheat sheet with you all!

Favorite finds…

Turnabout Shoppe: Chanel black cashmere sweater dress

Michael’s: Blue Herver Leger Dress

Penny Pincher Boutique: Hermes Belt

INA: Hermes sweater dress

A Second Chance:  They have an amazing Chanel, Hermes, & Louis Vuitton bag collection!

The Real Real: Chanel navy cashmere hooded sweater dress

Have you found any consignment or vintage treasures? Let me know!