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Too say that I’m excited for Fall fashion would be an understatement.  Fall has always been the season that I look forward to the most and this year is no exception.  Back in February I went to New York Fashion Week and got the full scoop on the trends for Fall 2014/ Winter 2015.  Ever since, I’ve been looking forward to share my report with you all!  

I designed this graphic as an easy cheat-sheet.  Save it to your desktop, print it out, throw it in your planner, tape it to your wall and bring it on your shopping trips.  It’s meant to be a guide and a tool to navigate the upcoming wave of trends.  You’ll always be able to reference it on the right sidebar on the Velvet Violets homepage (or under the “Trend Report” category) as well.  

Trends like mules, leather, oversized sweaters and sneakers are still very relevant this season, but I didn’t include them on the list because they carry over from previous seasons.  Throughout the season I will be posting trend break-down explanations with my individual picks to go along with it.  

If you have a question on a trend before I get to posting the break-down email me at and I’ll be happy to help you out!  

Enjoy the rest of your day and think Fall : )