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It’s so nice being home!  There’s something about the combination of familiarity that, without fail, always cheers me up.  Whenever I’m home I always try to cram everything in, even though I’m only around for a few days this time.  Between lacrosse games, catching up with family (I’m seeing my brother for the first time since Christmas!), spending time with friends, and spin classes I’m a busy girl.  Everyone that knows me knows that there’s one thing in particular that makes me antsy and uneasy to get home: my adorable pup. Mushu is my family’s Shih Tzu and I am absolutely obsessed with this little man.  I figured it was about time for him to make a star appearance on Velvet Violets.

For those of you that celebrate Easter I hope you all have a happy (and chocolate filled) day tomorrow!

Thank you all so much for reading!

xo, Christie