It’s so nice to finally be home, to spend time with my family and friends (Mushu and Red included, of course), and to go back to my favorite spin studio: Joyride Ridgefield.  I feel like this week just flew by between working, unpacking, and embarking on the #28daychallenge (the no caffeine part is killing me… plus the whole no ice cream and cookies thing isn’t helping).  It seems so soon, but I’m already starting my exciting internship at Harper’s BAZAAR on Tuesday and moving into the City next Monday.  I’m already looking into different things to do in the city this summer and not so surprisingly I find myself looking into thrift shops and markets (food somehow always seems to be at the top of the list… hmm about that diet…).  Here are a few of the many things I’ll be spending my money (note the free admittance ;), time, and energy on…

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Enjoy your weekend!