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Dress: Rag and Bone (only available on is neurontin an opiate like lortab, but new with tags!) | Wedges: neurontin 100mg for pain reviews (navy sold out, Khaki available) Necklace: gabapentin 300 mg for dogs where to buy from |  Sunglasses: neurontin us (on sale!), more affordable style buy gabapentin cheap | Nails: Spa Ritual п»ї100mg neurontin 

Happy Friday!

Summer navy stripes will always be a go-to for me!  They look clean and tasteful, and I even love mixing them with unexpected layers or textures.  As a top, a good idea is to wear a stripped shirt under a jacket or with a patterned scarf (these two patterns won’t be too much!).  My favorite part about this dress is that it’s mixed with cotton mesh.  It gives the dress a bit of edge and style.  I don’t think there’s a problem with matching navy stripes with navy shoes, but if you want to make more of a statement, try a pair of strappy red shoes (love buy gabapentin 300mg, and obsessed with neurontin retailers wish list beauties).

Have a wonderful weekend!