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Good morning! As you may have seen on my neurontinnorx or buy gabapentin online for dogs, yesterday I bounced around from meeting to meeting before attending the Chiara Boni Le Petit Robe show of NYFW. I started my day off with hair styling with Gwen at Fekkai in The Mark Hotel. She is seriously amazing… I’m very picky about my hair, but I have no problem giving Gwen complete creative license because I always love how everything comes out. Afterwards, I met with Witlee (remember that purchase gabapentin 300 mg I have where you can shop all of my looks?) to hear about all of the new and exciting projects they’re working on. Today, I’m incorporating one of their updates into this post: now you can click on the hyperlinked outfit information to shop this whole look in my boutique!
Drop by later this week to see my favorite looks from all of NYFW! In the meantime, take a look at my top picks from the quintessentially feminine, 50’s inspired Chiara Boni La Petit Robe show…
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