^A photo from the Van Gogh Museum…. I’m absolutely obsessed with his heavy brush strokes and nature portrayals.





Happy December!! My favorite month is here and I just can’t wait to get caught up in the holidays.

I recently got back from a trip to Amsterdam and it was unlike any city I’ve ever been to (and no, not for obvious reasons ;). I instantly fell in love with the city’s dutch architecture and the canals that run throughout. I met up with my mom, aunt and cousin in Amsterdam for a girls weekend and we had a wonderful time exploring the city and its Van Gogh, Stedelijk and Anne Frank House museums. 

Throughout the weekend we found amazing spots to eat, most of which with course after course of chef specialty dishes – yum! I’d recommend going to dinner at Johannes, Zaza’s or Fyra and if you’re in the area enjoy lunch at Brix!  

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