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Dress: Club Monaco | Shoes: Tabitha Simmons | Bag: Ferragamo | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren | Craig’s diamond bracelet 

Happy hump day!! On Sunday I went into the city to be with my boyfriend Tyler and we walked around exploring Battery Park. We’ve done an ICE cooking class together at Brookfield place and we’ve certainly eaten at local restaurants enough, but we never really have the time to just walk around. It was so nice being able to explore the area and stroll around on a lazy Sunday!
As you can see, my charm bracelet has come a LONG way since I started it last September. My mom gave me my late grandmother’s bracelet before I left for Florence so I could build the bracelet around my travels. After traveling around Europe, I came home with charms from Florence, Cinque Terre, Positano, Amsterdam, Scotland, Munich and Galway. Over the summer, my Oktoberfest beer stein charm from Munich fell off… I was so bummed. I immediately started looking into how I could replace it. Craig’s in Ridgefield, CT came to the rescue and ordered me not only a new beer stein charm, but a giraffe charm to represent the Zambia’s Tree of Life children’s community that is so close to my heart. How cute do the two additions look in the picture above?!
Let me know what you guys think of my new shopping feature seen in this post! Now it’s easier than ever to shop my looks : )