Happy New Years Eve!

For the last couple of days my family, boyfriend, and I have been visiting our kids from Zambia and we’ve been having the most amazing time!  We sponsor a house of 13 boys and girls in the Christian Tree of Life orphanage community in Lusaka, Zambia.  The hardest part for us is the difficulty in joining all 6 of our Kuehner schedules up to find a time to travel to Africa, but when we touch down and walk into the Grace House, we kick ourselves for not being able to visit more often.

 The kids, which range from the ages of 2- 16, are honest-to-God the sweetest, kindest children I have ever met.  I don’t know if you know any 6 year olds that behave perfectly without one complaint or temper tantrum, but little George at the Tree of Life will blow you away.  Each child’s story is utterly heartbreaking.  They are either orphans or they come from abusive or extremely impoverished households in the compounds surrounding Lusaka (essentially slums).  On this trip I learned that 98% of the sweet baby girls at the Tree of Life were raped before they found home at this safe community. 98%!  I assumed that catastrophic occurrences like this happened, but I never thought they happened that often.  This really makes me question what kind of men live in these compounds…. but before I get on my soapbox on that one I’ll move on…

Over the past two days we’ve been playing with the kids and doing activities such as lacrosse, arts and crafts, teaching them how to cook, and of course just monkeying around (they thought it would be fun to make me jump rope up to seemingly infinite numbers- I guess they’re my personal trainers for the week, too!).  The trip already seems to be flying by and at the end of each day we’re always exhausted, but I’ll try to keep you all updated!

Have a great time tonight and stay safe!