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After receiving some inquires on how sweaters and knits should best be stored I decided to write a tip on the subject…

 As far as sweaters and knits go, don’t hang them!  Sweaters and knits (even if it’s a dress) should never be hung in your closet.  If you’ve ever been in a store that does this you’ll notice that the shoulders start to pull and stretch, which permanently damages the garment.  

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure they’re safe from surfaces that could pull or harm the fabric.  In my dorm room I keep my sweaters and knits in drawers, but here’s my trick: put each sweater in it’s own plastic dry cleaning bag (the clear bags that the dry cleaners return your sweaters in).  By doing this you’re protecting your sweater from being pulled or damaged by the closing drawer or an embellishment from another sweater.  It’s important to use clear bags so you can easily see your choices.  Having them in their individual bags also makes them super to easy pack into your suitcase and to keep clean!

Have a great afternoon!